About HGRMall

HGRMall has years of experience with E-commerce platforms. We created our own platform to supply the Chinese market with 100% genuine products. We have many products located in our sister company 100BGBG superstores, which are dedicated to supplying 100% genuine Western products or many products via our cross-border platform with our partner companies in Australia, USA, Germany and UK and many products with our trusted suppliers and distributors.

We sell and distribute only the finest products from trusted brand names and suppliers to give you, the consumer, an authentic shopping experience. When you are buying from or online platforms, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service, competitive price, and overall satisfaction.

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About 100BGBG

100BGBG specializes in supplying only 100% genuine imported products from its superstores. 100BGBG flagship superstore located in Zhanjiang City, in Guangdong Province, South China, which specializes in selling 100% genuine imported products and goods to the Chinese market. We sell only the finest imported products from trusted Western brand names and suppliers to give you, the consumer, an authentic Western shopping experience.

When you’re buying in our flagship store, you’re guaranteed exceptional customer service, competitive prices, and overall satisfaction.

Choose from a wide range of products by coming to see us in one of our stores or visit us online at

HGRMall & 100BGBG have joined forces to bring you the strength of the 100BGBG superstore with its 100% genuine products and the convenience of HGRMall’s multi-platform E-commerce website.



Together we are stronger.

One Central Cloudbased Database – Four Convenient Ways To Buy


HGR Technology designed a complete multi-platform e-Commerce database. Many new features and designs were launched for the internet version. These include dual-language support, international payment’s and many more products.

WeChat Shop

WeChat is a giant of an APP in China. This makes it perfect for HGRMall’s bespoke WeChat E-Commerce APP. Using the power of WeChat’s social network and payment gateway allows you to make a purchase in seconds.

HGRMall Android App

HGRMall’s android E-commerce APP allows any android pad to become a standalone  e-commerce store. This can then be loaded with products and put in any offline retail premises.

HGRMall Console

HGRMall standalone console with HGRMall E-commerce platform makes it perfect to put outside any shop or mall, allowing the offline premises to remain open 24 / 7.

 A short video of 100BGBG flagship store in Zhanjiang, Guangdong:

A short video of 100BGBG flagship store opening ceremony in Zhanjiang, Guangdong.